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Club Rules and General Information


1. Please stick to marked paths.


2. Enter and exit the ground through the main entrance only do not wander into the woods.


3. Do not go enter a roped off area.


4. Only those holding a current shotgun certificate can shoot unaccompanied by a WCCC authorised person.


5. All persons on the shooting ground must wear safety glasses and hearing protection.


6. No guns to be carried on shoulders unless sleeved.


7. All shooters must conduct themselves in accordance with the safety demonstration that they have been given.


8. Please leave Snap caps at home.


9. Only 2 cartridges to be placed into the gun at any one time (Semi Automatics).


10. Automatic’s to be kept in your slip until in the shooting stand, on skeet the gun should be kept upright with the breach on full display to indicate to other shooters that it is empty.


11. Shooting must only take place within the safety cages provided. (Not applicable to Skeet)


12. Cartridges are to be placed in the green bins and cardboard to be placed in the steel bins provided at each stand.


13. Only those persons authorised by the club should attempt to attend/fix the clay traps in the event of a fault.


14. Fibre and felt wadded cartridges only (not plastic).


15. No home loads or black powder cartridges.


16. A whistle will be blown to indicate all shooters to stop immediately please unload and wait for further instructions, 3 blasts on the whistle indicates you to recommence shooting.


17. If an incident or problem occurs inform a member of staff phone numbers on each stand or referee on skeet layout.


18. Anyone conducting themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner may find themselves expelled from the club, forfeiting any refunds and the incident(s) referred to the relevant firearms licensing team.




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