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CPSA Academy

The Shotgun Skills Programme™

The CPSA has developed a modular course structure in which each module leads to and interlocks with the next, thus the client is provided with a clear educational path from beginner to more experienced shooter.

The modules are supported by :-CPSA Modular Lesson Plans™,The CPSA Clay Target Handbook,A CPSA certification

The CPSA Shotgun Skills™ Programme with its modular course structure ensures that:

• Every participating CPSA Instructor or Coach delivers, and their clients receive, a prescribed standard of training

• Clients can pass seamlessly between different CPSA Instructors/Coaches who teach the Shotgun Skills Programme™


Module 1 – Discover Clay Target Shooting™

Module 1 is a “taster lesson” with a purpose. Lasting 1½ - 2 hours it covers the basics of safety and gun handling and provides an opportunity for the client to shoot 25 simple targets using the CPSA “Method”.

Module 1 is an integral part of the Shotgun Skills Course™; however, if the client does not intend to continue their education immediately, completion of Module 1 alone results in the client receiving the CPSA Discover Clay Target Shooting™ certificate of participation.


Module 2 – Shotgun Skills™

Module 2 continues from Module 1 and comprises a further 3 to 6 hours of training, which is designed, so that if desired, it can be split into two separate lessons (Modules 2a and 2b). Module 2 expands on the skills that have already been introduced in Module 1. Further knowledge and skills result in the client gaining a solid grounding in safe gun handling, and shooting using the CPSA Method. On successful completion of Modules 1 & 2, the Client receives a CPSA Shotgun Skills™ certificate and badge.


Module 3 - Advanced Shotgun Skills™

Module 3 lessons are designed to provide the client with a comprehensive skill set enabling them to improve in their chosen discipline(s). Module 3 comprises 5 skill sessions (sub modules).

• Module 3a – Learn to shoot from the “Gun Down” position

• Module 3b – The “Swing Through” method  of shooting

• Module 3c – The “Maintained Lead” method of shooting

• Module 3d – The “Cut Off” method of shooting

• Module 3e – The “Spot” method of shooting


Each session lasts approximately 1½ - 2 hours. These skill sessions can be mixed and matched together and with those of Module 4 to suit individual client and discipline requirements. For example, all five of the above sessions plus Module 4 ESP Discipline Proficiency, would provide a comprehensive programme that would result in a well rounded sporting shooter. On successful completion of all five Modules (3a – 3e), the Client receives a CPSA “Advanced Shotgun Skills” certificate and badge.  


Module 4 – Discipline Proficiency™

Module 4 offers the client the opportunity to apply one or more of the methods learned in Module 3 to the techniques and procedures of an individual discipline. For example, for an inexperienced shooter, who wishes to learn ESK, the coach could combine Module 3c and Module 4 ESK. Together these provide the client with a suitable shooting method, an introduction (if required) to the chosen discipline, its rules and etiquette and an opportunity to improve their technique and scores in the discipline.



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